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Hello my name is Sara and I am 14 years old. I’m in the first year of Tambosi and I love my school. My favourite subject is Maths and I think it is very interesting. In Italy we have two years of school that students have all the same subjects and at the third year we choose what we want to do. There are 4 courses and I want to do the economics course. There are language, IT and tourism courses too. Continue reading “Sara”



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Hello my name is Chiara and I am 15 years old. I come from Italy and I live in Favez a small village near Val di Cemburo near Trento. I’m in the first year at Tambosi Battisti School and I like learning and doing homework at school. I like all subjects but my favourite subjects are foreign languages. Continue reading “Chiara”


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Hello, I’m Ludouica and I’m 14. I live in a small city called Valcounover, 20km away from Trento. I’m in the first year of school which is focused on Business. My favourite subjects are absolutely languages. I study German and English and I know a little bit of Spanish. I love languages because they can give you a cultural mix and you can travel all around the world and talk with people from other countries. Continue reading “Ludouica”


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My name is Simone. I’m in the first year at the institute Tambosi-Battisti in Trento and I’m 15 years old. I’m studying Maths, PE and English. In Italian High Schools the years are divided in to two parts: in the first two years there are common subjects for all Italian schools, in the second part it differs from school to school. For example, my school is an Economics and IT School and offers courses for the third, fourth and fifth years in Economics, IT, Languages and Tourism. Continue reading “Simone”

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For this task, we had to take part in an online course developed by FutureLearn. This involved a variety of activities such as watching videos, answering quizzes, reading articles and producing our own ideas and notes on a serious issue that was up for discussion. I found this method of learning extremely useful, although I had not previously took part in any MOOC courses. Continue reading “Online Learning”