Vocational Learning isn’t for Everyone


Personally, I do not study on a vocational course myself but I see many benefits to it. Long gone are the days where judgments would be passed if you do a BTEC instead of A Levels. Nowadays, vocational courses are favored by lots of people for the simple reason that they are not examination based. You may be the most intelligent person in your year group but if you don’t perform well in exams, all your hard work may seem to be for nothing. Continue reading “Vocational Learning isn’t for Everyone”


Will T-Levels be an improvement?


There are many different types of courses you can take at Halesowen College, including A-Levels, BTEC’s and Cache’s. I decided to do A-Levels because I knew that I wanted to go on to do my PhD in psychology and for that, I would need A-Level qualifications but today I am going to talk about vocational education. Continue reading “Will T-Levels be an improvement?”

Vocational Learning at School


My first proper experiences of vocational subjects came when I started secondary school. In Years 7, 8 and 9, every student did four rotations in DT (Design & Technology) every year: food, graphics, resistant materials (a fancy name for woodwork) and textiles. My experiences were as follows: Continue reading “Vocational Learning at School”

Are A-Levels and Vocational Courses Equal?


I chose to do A-Levels over a vocational course purely because I was not well-informed on what vocational learning is. At my High School, I was told very little about any other post-16 pathway other than A-Levels, therefore it felt as if I had only one option. The first time vocational courses were mentioned to me was when I entered College as there were other people that I met that studied on those courses. Continue reading “Are A-Levels and Vocational Courses Equal?”

Vocational Learning


I didn’t study any vocational subjects in high school, therefore it didn’t cross my mind to take a vocational course at college. For as long as I can remember, my plan was to do all exam-based GCSE subjects at High School then move on to College and take 3 A-Level subjects. So, when I passed my GCSE’s I chose to study A Level Law, Psychology and Sociology in my first year. My school was good in providing information about post-16 education so I was confident when I attended College the following year. Continue reading “Vocational Learning”

Employability and Teamwork


Employability skills are very important as they are important for all jobs and without them it would be hard to find a job. Some of the most important employability skills are: communication, team work, problem solving, initiative, planning and organisation, self-management, learning and technology. Some of these skills might not seem important or required in every job, however today they are requested a lot. Personally, I think communication and team working are the most important as when running a business communicating well with staff members and working as a team is vital. Continue reading “Employability and Teamwork”


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I ‘m Francesco, I’m 15 and I live in Lavarone, a small village in Trentino, Northern Italy. I’m a student and I study in Tambosi. My school is an economic school. I haven’t got a favourite subject but I like History. I don’t like Math and Chemistry. My hobbies are playing my guitar and listening to music. My favourite kind of music is pop and my favourite singer is Sia. My favourite song of hers is Titanium.

In my free time I like reading a book and meeting my friends. I have two brothers and one sister. My older brother is Gabriele and he studies in ITT Buonarroti. My second brother is younger than me and he studies in the secondary school in Lavarone. My sister is also younger than me. She studies in the elementary school. My mother is Chiara and she is a German teacher and my dad is Andrea and he is a fireman.