Hi, I’m Jess and I am a student at Halesowen College currently studying BTEC Art & Design. I have previously studied A Level Art, Chemistry and Mathematics but found that I didn’t enjoy Chemistry and Mathematics as much as my Art course. Realising I was more driven towards Art (and there is also the fact I failed both Chemistry and Maths) I pursued a 2 year course in what I was truly meant to do. Continue reading “Jess”


All Great Beginnings Start in the Dark


It’s that time of year again: Chaos reigns as a plethora of new faces, fresh enthusiasm and excitable voices fill the corridors of an ever-changing educational environment (perhaps more politically and socially changing, as opposed to aesthetically changing). A new day, a new term, a near year, presents itself to a new cohort, who are all ready to tackle the challenges of A-levels. Continue reading “All Great Beginnings Start in the Dark”

From College To University


For this post I was asked to write about the change from college to University. About this time last year (October) I started writing my personal statement and applying for different universities. It was quite nerve-wracking waiting for their response but in the end I got offers from 4 of my 5 choices. I decided to go to the University of Leicester because of their good ranking in post-graduate employability and because when I went to the Open Day, it instantly felt like a nice place to live in.       Continue reading “From College To University”



Hey! My name is Molly and I am a second year student at Halesowen College. Last year, I studied A Levels in Law, Psychology and Sociology. Psychology was the most interesting, as we learnt about five different ways the brain can be studied, and research to accompany these approaches. Studying the biological approach was my favourite, as I learnt about the structure of the brain and which parts influence different behaviours and personal qualities. I chose to study psychology as I am hoping to continue at university up to PHD level. Continue reading “Molly”

The Start of New Term in the Library


September is always a busy time across the college. Teachers frantically running from one lesson to the next, new students looking worried as they try and find their classrooms and support staff trying to help the students with all their weird and wonderful enquiries. Continue reading “The Start of New Term in the Library”