Great Teachers and Great Drivers


This month’s topic poses the question with an elusive answer: What makes a great teacher? I have to be honest, in the early stages of my teaching career I’m still exploring the possible combinations of this Rubik’s cube and although I don’t believe there is a single or comprehensive answer to the question, this month, I’m going to reflect on my own experiences in light of what I think it takes to get the balance right. Continue reading “Great Teachers and Great Drivers”


Qualities of a good teacher and learner


I suppose everybody thinks differently about what makes a good learner. The big thing is, don’t stir-up trouble! But the main things for me are actually wanting to learn. If you’re not willing to learn, how can you expect anyone to help you? You should also think positively, and go into every learning situation ready to learn; going in negatively will only limit your chances of learning something new. And don’t be afraid of failing; you can learn from your mistakes and then you’ll know not what to do next time! Continue reading “Qualities of a good teacher and learner”

Learning & Teaching


Rewind to the start of the academic year. Do you prepare for your studies by getting your stationery sorted out? Do you plan the year ahead or just go with the flow? Personally, I like to do all of these things. Being organised from the get-go helps me to stay on top of things and alleviates that end-of-year panic. In any subject and career, it is good to structure your work and is expected from many employers. People who leave things to the last minute and live in a messy chaos, live more stressful lives. However, we all have those times were deadlines are looming, the work’s built up, and just having even one thing in the right place can help you get through that work faster. Continue reading “Learning & Teaching”

Revision – Different for Everyone


This month I’m posing the age old question – how do we best revise? There’s a reason that there are so many different ideas and opinions surrounding this debate and, actually, when you stop to think about it, it’s not all that surprising. Revising really is different for everyone. Continue reading “Revision – Different for Everyone”

Revision Minute by Minute


So the end of my time here at Halesowen College is coming to a fleeting end, deadlines are getting dangerously close and my exams are following my around like a shadow. The only thing that is getting me through this is knowing that I’m not alone because literally every student around the country is in the exact same boat and that boat is sinking fast….I’m kidding. Continue reading “Revision Minute by Minute”