The assessment we have most in our lessons at college is coursework. We have to get good marks on a piece of coursework before we can pass and move on to the next. We also have quizzes. These are more for helping us understand the college, find out what’s going on around campus and who to ask if we need help with anything. Usually we do these quizzes in groups and we win points on a leader board in the lesson.  Continue reading “Assessment”


English & Maths – The resit perspective


My experience of English at school was very difficult as I didn’t like writing. It was hard for me to concentrate when I had a task to do, and when I did try and complete a task I would write pages but didn’t have the correct grammar in places I needed it. I didn’t write in paragraphs and I would just do full pages without full stops, question marks or quotes, this dropped my marks as I couldn’t get out of a habit of doing this, it was all I knew. Continue reading “English & Maths – The resit perspective”

Learning Languages


At primary and secondary school we had to learn the French language. Learning a language was compulsory and we had no choice to learn a different language. I didn’t really like learning French as I thought I would never go to France and it was hard for me to concentrate in that lesson. The teacher I had didn’t seem to like teaching the language and I found it hard to understand as all of the words seemed to sound the same to me. Continue reading “Learning Languages”

Doing a MOOC


For this task I had to join and complete an online course from Leeds University. In this course, I read articles and watched videos on communication and at the end I took section quizzes. I have never done an online course before but was excited as it was a new thing for me to do. Also it will help me gain experience on what people at university do and how they study and communicate with their lecturers between lessons and on days off. I liked this as I want to go to university, I felt integrated into their way of studying. Continue reading “Doing a MOOC”



I think that I am good at communicating with people that I know and communicating with people that I meet for the first time. I am best at verbal communication as I enjoy it when someone is speaking to me and not just texting or writing. It can be hard to understand if someone is typing fast and making mistakes. Continue reading “Communication”

My First Half Term – Board Game


In the first half term at college we were given the project of making a board game. As we didn’t know anyone we were put into groups by the lecturer. She told us to stand in different parts of the room until we had five group members. We didn’t know each other but we eventually got to be good friends. My group came up with the idea to make a game about football. Continue reading “My First Half Term – Board Game”



Hello my name is Ash, I am 18 years old and go to Halesowen College. I live with my parents and one older sister.

I am studying a level 3 software and design extended diploma. I really enjoy this course and I want to have a future in the IT industry. I have previously studied level 2 technical where I learnt about computer hardware and parts of a computer.

Continue reading “046808”