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My name is Simone. I’m in the first year at the institute Tambosi-Battisti in Trento and I’m 15 years old. I’m studying Maths, PE and English. In Italian High Schools the years are divided in to two parts: in the first two years there are common subjects for all Italian schools, in the second part it differs from school to school. For example, my school is an Economics and IT School and offers courses for the third, fourth and fifth years in Economics, IT, Languages and Tourism.

This year our class, during history lessons, used an online platform to create a history e-book. It’s a shared platform where our teacher gives us tips and information, it is an alternative means to learn some new topics too. Therefore, the students can learn and enjoy the lessons in a different way. We researched on the internet about our topic, then we added some pictures and some short sentences to describe them, it was fun!


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