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Hello my name is Sara and I am 14 years old. I’m in the first year of Tambosi and I love my school. My favourite subject is Maths and I think it is very interesting. In Italy we have two years of school that students have all the same subjects and at the third year we choose what we want to do. There are 4 courses and I want to do the economics course. There are language, IT and tourism courses too.

During our history lessons we used an online platform to create an e-book. An e-book is a book that people can read on the internet, you have to pay to read stories that the book offers. The name of this platform is ePubEditor and my class was very happy to see how this site creates a book. This is an alternative way to learn new topics and consequently the student can learn and enjoy the lessons.

When we were creating this book we had a shared platform where our teacher gave us tips and information. It was on the internet which was very valuable for students because we could work both at school and at home. I think that it was a beautiful experience.


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