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Hello, I’m Ludouica and I’m 14. I live in a small city called Valcounover, 20km away from Trento. I’m in the first year of school which is focused on Business. My favourite subjects are absolutely languages. I study German and English and I know a little bit of Spanish. I love languages because they can give you a cultural mix and you can travel all around the world and talk with people from other countries.

In my school, when you are in the second year, you can choose a course focused on languages and marketing all over the world, I think it is very interesting.

During this year my class and I used a resource on the internet called ePubEditor where we created an ebook focused on Greece. Each of us wrote research on some topics; for example I wrote about Greek food. We searched on the internet to find information, then we sent our essays to our teacher, she corrected them and put them into a document to go in the ebook. It was fun and we worked much more than the other ways we study.


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