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My name is Elisa and my school is an institute called Tambosi Battisti where I am studying a Tourism course. I’m really enthusiastic for my course because I study languages, economics and geography. In my course there are twelve subjects and I prefer the languages.

I study English and I like it very much. I also study German and Spanish. During this school year I participated in a project with my teachers about Geography and Economics.

I have some dreams but the most important is my career. I will become a stewardess and I will travel around the world. Since I was a child, I travelled around the world, in fact I visited Spain twice, Egypt, Greece three times, Bosnia, Austria and Dublin. I visited Dublin last summer and I made it a studying holiday. In Dublin I went t school every morning and in the afternoon I visited other places.

This summer, I’m starting to study Russian because in the summer I will dedicate my time to teach an Italian Bielorussian child.

From my subjects I have learnt about communication skills and I have become better at organisation. In fact this summer I will do a work-placement in an agency of Tourism. In my free time I spend a lot of time with my friends and I video call my Canadian friend. In this video call I speak English which has helped me improve. I like to find out new things.


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