Dima, Ion and Dihan

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We are Dima, Ion and Dihan and we study IT at Tambosi School. This year we have been asked to create a piece of software. This software has many purposes; to find errors when they appear and correct them automatically, to calculate the working time and overtime, to export the dates from the database to Excel and PDF. This software will be used by Adige (a local newspaper) for monitoring employee’s attendance at work. For this work the class was divided into many groups with 3-4 students in each group. Every group had a specific task which was then joined together to form the programme.

The advantage of this experience is that we learnt to work as a team, we increased our knowledge of IT and the company will use a new technology developed by students for free. A disadvantage is the programme took a long time to produce. The experience was really interesting for us because we like to programme code.


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