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Hello my name is Chiara and I am 15 years old. I come from Italy and I live in Favez a small village near Val di Cemburo near Trento. I’m in the first year at Tambosi Battisti School and I like learning and doing homework at school. I like all subjects but my favourite subjects are foreign languages.

At school I study economics, I like it very much. With the teacher, my class and I went to Gardaland in April to visit the company and to have some lessons about it. It was very interesting. In my third year at school I want to choose either the economics or the language course. I want to study Economics, German, English and Spanish too! There are also courses in IT and Tourism but I am not as interested in those.

This year during the history lessons my class and I used a platform that is called ePubEditor to create an e-book. It was very interesting. It was useful because we can learn new topics in different ways and the teacher can give us some information and tips. In my opinion it is very good and I want to use this platform not only in the history lessons but in other subjects and with my other teachers too.


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