Visiting Barcelona


As part of the SWITCH European Project, we had the amazing opportunity of going to Spain. More precisely, we stayed in Santa Coloma De Gramenet, Barcelona. The trip took place in April and we were 3 students and 7 members of staff. The reason I had the chance to do this was because I have written blog posts and translated intellectual outputs for the project.

At the beginning of the year, when they told us that we could have the opportunity to go on a short trip to either Barcelona or Trento, we were absolutely thrilled because none of us had previously been to these cities. Our departure flight was on a Sunday, so when we arrived we had a little time to explore Barcelona. The atmosphere was particularly lively because it was the festivity of their saint patron “Sant Jordi”.

On Monday we started at the school “Puig Castellar”, where we had a brief visit of the different classes and they outlined our programmes for the 3 days that we were staying. The first class we went into was an IT Vocational course with boys of different ages. Lotty outlined the blog, then me and the other students talked about our experiences of the project and how they could get involved. We spoke first in English, then in Spanish to make sure they understood. Next, we asked them if they wanted to take part in the blog and write a few lines about who they were, what they were studying, hobbies and aspirations. We repeated this process in each class in order to get few posts for the blog. It was nice to see that some students were trying their best with their written English, it reminded me of when I was in their same position, learning English.

The response of students was different in each class. In some of them they were really involved and interested. They asked us questions about the English lifestyle and how we study; the questions ranged from “How many subjects do you study at A-levels?“ to “Is the food cheap in Birmingham?”.

In the first few classes I was definitely a bit nervous, but as we went on I felt more comfortable speaking and practising my Spanish. The part I enjoyed the most about the trip was learning how Spanish people live and think and I would say it’s very similar to the Italian lifestyle.

On the last night we were able to see ‘La Sagrada Familia’ and I took some amazing pictures that will always remind me of this memorable trip.



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