My trip to Santa Colo


When I was offered the opportunity to go on this educational trip to Barcelona I was excited for it straight away. I was really eager to tell the students over there all about the SWITCH project that I had been part of this year. There was me, two other students and a group of teachers that went to give and receive insight on teaching and learning in both Halesowen and Santa Coloma.

When there, we spent our days observing classes, talking to Spanish students and giving presentations. My job, along with the other students, was to try to and get their students involved in this educational blog we are writing for. We first explained the project and the purpose of it, then we asked them if they could write a little introduction for the blog saying who they were, what they do and aspirations for the future. It was such an amazing thing to get another nationality involved in the blog because it contrasted the different points of view; aspirations, the way of learning and people’s day to day life. That was the aim.

We hoped to learn something from them and them from us. I think it was a really good decision to get us students involved with this trip because it’s easier for the @switchcastellar students to communicate with us. Mainly because of our age and with us being in education too. They had so many questions about everything English from eating habits to the curriculum. It made me feel really proud of myself to see their interest and how they all actually tried to take part in writing about themselves in English. They were so enthusiastic about us being there and received us really well.

Comparing the school in Santa Coloma to any previous schools I’ve been to, it was quite similar with me having grown up in Spain. The hallways, the size of the classrooms and the ambience, reminded me of when I was in high school. But what was interesting about it is that it also had evening classes which is something I hadn’t seen before in Spain and it shocked me that some teachers would have to stay there all day to do the morning classes and the evening.

All things considered, it was such a shame that we didn’t get to stay for longer and that the trip went so quick. I would have loved to carry on speaking to the students and getting them involved in our program because they showed such a strong interest. Given the opportunity, I would do it all again. It was an amazing experience and a trip I will never forget.



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