I have experienced different types of assessment while I have been at school and now in college. At school teachers would assess my coursework or projects by taking the work, looking it over and giving me a grade. When they gave us the results they would comment on the work, telling us about what we did well and what we could improve on. I would have preferred it if they had sat down with us individually and given more feedback about the work and ideas on how to ultimately improve in future tasks.

My experience with this type of assessment has been fine, the teachers got the work back to us very quickly, but they didn’t include a lot of detail to help us improve. School assessment and college assessment are different because college lecturers sit with each individual and explain how to improve on their work.

The way they assess on my course is usually through students uploading work onto an online site called Moodle. Once you have uploaded the work, you will need to wait for the lecturer to mark it. Students can also hand in work on paper and the lecturer will mark it either during the lesson or later. My experience with this type of assessment has been good but there are times when my lecturers have taken a while to assess my work because they have so many students doing the same unit. When the lecturer assesses the work, they put a lot of detail into their feedback.

I have also done presentations at college and the teacher sits at the back of the classroom assessing things like: body language, tone of voice and volume. If you have delivered the right information to the audience and presented confidently then you will get a high grade.

On my course we are doing 18 units throughout the two years, 9 units for the first year and 9 units in the second. When we finish the first year, we will get an overall grade. This is important because it gives a guideline to what we could achieve at the end of the course.

I think that the way lecturers assess my work is good but they could improve how long they take to mark it. I like uploading work to Moodle because it stays there forever which is helpful in case I lost my work on paper or on my memory stick.

To sum up this blog, my lecturers are doing a good job at assessing the work we hand in and they are giving us good feedback that helps us improve and make our work better.


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