Here’s an unpopular opinion for you… I like being assessed! There, I said it. Assessment has happened all through schooling and I would honestly say my GCSE grades were the result of consistent assessments and consistent feedback. After all, if you aren’t tested and given feedback, how do you suppose that you’ll improve?

Consequently, when I came to college I was expecting this regularity, a test at the end of each topic for example. So when I found that there was nothing of the sort I was most displeased! Independent study, who want’s that? It doesn’t get marked so you could be doing absolutely terribly and you wouldn’t have a clue about it. Class quizzes do not get you an A!

My friend found this out the hard way when he got an E in his mock for a certain subject which shall not be named… I’m a member of the class, so I can comment that we were never given any serious assessment: Just a couple of 20 mark questions in the first term. I feel that this has been detrimental as we’ve only just started exam preparation and it feels as if the revision is far too rushed. If we’d have been given more tests throughout the year then I wouldn’t be panicking quite so much! Hopefully this will improve with A2 as the exams at the end of that year will determine whether I can go to my choice of university.

At least none of my A-level subjects are entirely coursework based which I am incredibly thankful for! I’m not a big fan of coursework because I always do things last minute; it’s hard to do coursework last minute. However, I do understand that coursework is necessary for creative subjects and I think that making them entirely exam dependent would hinder a lot of people’s success which isn’t very fair. Creative subjects should be an opportunity for you to show improvement with your work throughout the year. Coursework is the best way to do this.

All in all I think that assessment is important and I highly doubt that assessment will go away anytime soon. Yes it may be stressful, but it’s a chance to show what you can do and I believe that it gives everyone an equal opportunity to reach their potential. So, woohoo for assessment!



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