The assessment we have most in our lessons at college is coursework. We have to get good marks on a piece of coursework before we can pass and move on to the next. We also have quizzes. These are more for helping us understand the college, find out what’s going on around campus and who to ask if we need help with anything. Usually we do these quizzes in groups and we win points on a leader board in the lesson. 

In some of our lessons we are assessed on presentations, even if we work as a group, we all have our own part to do. We have to take it in turns to talk and explain what we are presenting. We have only done three but in my experience they were all nerve wracking. The first one was about making a survey, I had to stand up and tell everyone how to sign up. As this was my first presentation it was hard and scary, I forgot my words and started to mumble but I eventually found my confidence. My second experience was about a game I was making, I had to stand up and tell four students from my class what my game was about and the different features within the game. This was hard as I had to go through 10 pages talking about my game, I was being assessed on this so it had to be good. My third presentation was about providing a games console for a college group. As I was the leader I had to give each member of my team a task to do, I had to talk twice but as I had done other presentations I didn’t mind. I was still nervous but I could handle it and I have passed all my presentation assessments.

Written assessments at college are easier as the teachers give you a date and tell you what you need to do. At school they just say you have an assessment today without any notice, which I think is ridiculous as people can get very nervous about a surprise test. I know it is what things in the outside world are like, but I think schools should follow what colleges do to support students.

My college course will be assessed on my coursework. The marks I have for each module will determine what my overall grade is. This is better than exams as I’m not very good at exams. I prefer course work, and they equal up to the same grade either way.

I think that another way students could be assessed is on being punctual for lessons, this shows the teachers they are dedicated to the work. They could also assess how we work in group discussions, and how we cope with conflict. This is important as we will have to experience this when we go into the workplace.

Overall, I feel I have been assessed in the correct way, I feel happy with the grades I have already received and feel like I can progress onto the next year of my level 3 course.


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