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My name is Sebastian, I’m 20 years old and I’m from Spain, Barcelona (Santa Coloma de Gramanet). I’m a student of the school Puig Castellar and I’m doing a high vocational training in IT.

I’ve always liked computer science since I was a child. One of my dreams is to be a good IT programmer in the future and help the people creating applications to do well. This part of the grade is challenging me a lot because it involves parts where we have to apply logic which is very difficult. Our subjects are: Programming, Databases, Operating System and Markup Language. I would like to finish the course passing all the subjects.

About my personal life. I live with my parents and brother, and my two lovebirds. I can speak Spanish, Catalan and English fluently. I can also speak a little Moroccon. My hobbies are practising sports (especially biking, football and basketball), having fun with friends, cooking, singing and drawing.

I think online learning is good because the student can learn to work for himself, seeking solutions and help on the internet. This makes him gain a decisive ability to work in a company. As IT students the internet helps us a lot. But in my opinion I prefer to study with a professor in a class.  I think it’s good to test new things like e-learning and after think about the reasons to continue it.

That’s all, that’s my presentation and I hope you like it, thanks.


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