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Hi, my name is Roger and I’m 20 years old. I’m studying IT at Puig Castellar college (Superior Professional Formation Grade). My subjects are Databases, Information Systems, Programming, Markup Languages, and others that I don’t need to do because I passed them in my last grade.

I can speak Spanish, Catalan and English but only to a medium level.

I spend most of my free time with music. I write rap and reggae songs and have done for 7 years and I play some different percussion instruments (Cajon, Surdo, Snare, Repenique, Steel Tongue drum, etc.). I started to take an interest in percussion 3 years ago when me and some of my friends decided to found a new Brazilian percussion group named Retumbatú Batucada. I still continue to play in this group.

This past summer I participated in an Erasmus project in Turkey. I spent one month working in Istanbul. My IT knowledge is the only way for me to finance my aspirations.

In general my passions are music, travel and extreme sports.


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