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Hi, I’m Javier, I’m 19 and I’m a student at Puig Castellar. I have studied IT at this college since 2017 because I finished Bachillerato last year. This is a post-grade of ESO and is the first step to go University or a Superior Professional Formation Grade.

My subjects in this grade are Information Systems, Programming, Databases, Economy, Labour Formation and Markup Language. I speak Spanish, Catalan and English. Spanish and Catalan are native to me but English is a bit difficult for me.

My hobbies are football, travel, racing and video games. I play futsal in a city team and I spend my time playing games. Futsal is a variation of football but it is played on a small pitch.

Learning languages in Spain is so good because there are so many methods to study and there are academies and official schools for languages. Also Lingvist or Duolingo are two good websites to learn English or other languages.


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