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Hi my name is Husnain, I am 17 and I study at Institut Puig Castellar. I am from Pakistan but I came to Spain 4 years ago with my family, I came to Spain for a better future. In Pakistan I studied from nursery to 6th class. Then I came to Spain which was a very different place for me.

The language was different and the people were different. The first challenge for me was the language, so I just focused on learning that so that I could continue my studying. Then I started my study from 8th class at Institut La Bastida and I completed my “Secondary Education” which is from 7th to 10th class. Then I came to Institut Puig Castellar.

In Puig Castellar I started studying Vocational Education of Computer Science because I really like learning about computers. Now I am in my first year and I want to continue studying this course next year.

My dream is that I set up my own business of computers in the USA. I think studying in Spain could improve more because if you want to go to University you have to pay a lot of money and the government will not pay. There are many people that can’t afford it so I think the government has to improve this.

As a hobby I love travelling and learning other languages.


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