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Hello my name is Brian, I am 19 years old and I’m from Spain. I have studied computing at Puig Castellar since 2015. Before that I was in ESO and I didn’t like it as it was boring. When I started doing computing at Puig Castellar I was really happy because I had an interest in what the teachers were saying for the first time.

I chose computing because since I was a kid I have loved computers. I’m very lazy and because of that sometimes I nearly never study, but somehow I’m doing fine.

My hobbies are gaming related so a lot of the time I end speaking more in English than in Spanish. Thanks to that I have learned a lot of English. Anyway, I’m not that good at writing or speaking, I’m just good at translating texts. Another hobby that I have is free style roller skating, I started some months ago so I could use my body instead of being in a chair for too much time.

I think I am good at communication, the only issue I have is that sometimes I should think what I’m going to say, as sometimes when I repeat what I explained I do it better each time as I change little things that I could changed at the start.


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