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I like people to call me Nik, I don’t really like my name too much: Nicolas.
I spend nine hours in high school every day between class and practices. It doesn’t leave me much time for myself but is an exiting challenge. An interesting thing about me is I have participated in the Sant Jordi contest at Spanish prose. 
I choose to study IT because I’m passionate about it, I want to understand how the programs work at their core. How the magic comes to live, well, not actually live (they are not ready yet… skynet!)
Yes i’m a nerd and that was a Terminator reference, one of my favourite movies.

You can see my English level (please don’t be so hard on me), my mother language is Spanish and the second one is Catalàn. I have read two novels in English, which was hard and challenging but encouraging.

Talking about my hobbies, obviously I love videogames. Gamers will rule the world… in some MMO. I don’t like World of Warcraft though.
I have studied ESO and bachelors degree (is that how you say bachillerato?) at “La Bastida” high school. It was a nice institute but on the top of a mountain, dude you have to walk a lot to go there!
And that’s all i can take about me right now, after all I’m a high level nerd, and we are the shy ones.

C ya. ❤


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