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Hello my name is Denis, I am 19 years old and I’m studying ‘DAM’ at institute Puig Castellar. Before this I studied secondary education at institute Can Peixauet and was playing football in a team called ‘F.S Rapid’.

My subjects right now are ‘Programación bàsica’ (basic programming), ‘Gestión de base de datos’ (Management Databases), ‘Sistemas Operativos’ (Operating Systems) and ‘Lenguaje de marcas’ (Markup Language). Probably the one that I enjoy the most is ‘Gestión de base de datos’ but I don’t have a favourite one, I like all of them!! Anyways I hope that I can make it to university, I really wanna learn more about programming and designing.

I know how to talk in 4 languages (Spanish, Catalan, English and Arabic) I have learned Arabic, Catalan and Spanish since I was a kid. I have learned English from school or by watching videos on YouTube. My hobbies are sports – I love playing football – and reading books. I feel that listening to music is pretty relaxing. I also have problems sleeping so I usually fall asleep with music, probably that’s why I like it so much, haha. I also love watching television series or films, I know it’s pretty cliché but I love to watch them in their original language with subtitles so I can improve my language skills.

This is my first year in ‘DAM’ I can tell you that I enjoyed it, time flies when you do something you like, that’s how i feel right now. So I hope that I can feel this way to the end!


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