English & Maths – The resit perspective


My experience of English at school was very difficult as I didn’t like writing. It was hard for me to concentrate when I had a task to do, and when I did try and complete a task I would write pages but didn’t have the correct grammar in places I needed it. I didn’t write in paragraphs and I would just do full pages without full stops, question marks or quotes, this dropped my marks as I couldn’t get out of a habit of doing this, it was all I knew.

When sitting my GCSEs, I learned how to get out of the habit and write using the correct grammar and wording. The teacher said that we would all be able to get grade C’s or higher, so this gave us confidence and it seemed like if we worked hard we could get the grade, but we found out this was a lie and she was in fact wrong. I didn’t get a C in English and had to resist the exam.

Maths was not my strong point and was very difficult for me as I didn’t understand some questions and how to get the answers correct. I knew it would be hard for me to get a C in maths so it didn’t really upset me. With this my teacher understood that maths was hard for me and started spending extra time with me so I could understand it better.

I think English and maths are important in anybodies lifestyle but some of the things they teach you for the exam are unnecessary in real life. If they taught English and maths in a lifestyle role it would be more interesting and students would know what they are going to have to cope with in the outside world. I also think English and maths also depend on what you want to do in your future job, as you may only need a small amount of maths for this job instead of learning all of the subject and only using a small amount of it.

Unfortunately, I didn’t pass English and maths at school but at college I am doing resits and think I can now pass them with the right teaching I am getting. I feel comfortable that I can do it and know that if I try hard enough I will be able to pass both.

I think the BKSB test was pointless. If you are new to the college then it is fine to do it, but if you are a second or third year there is no point as things go wrong and it takes up a lot of learning time. Some of the questions on BKSB are not logical or explained well. They need to make the questions more real in order to get an understanding.

Now, I rate my English skills a 9/10 and my math skills a 7/10. I think that English and maths grade should be lowered to a D not a C, as some people have difficulties and this is stopping them from getting where they want to be in life. And you can take that to the bank!


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