English & Maths


At school I studied English and maths. I didn’t find maths too hard because I studied and memorised equations and formulas so that I could pass the exam. I didn’t find English too hard either and I did well in school. I had to learn all kinds of phrases and their meanings. In high school, I did the higher paper and I produced good quality work but I didn’t quite achieve the English grade I needed.

It is vital for those who do not reach the government required grade C at age 16, that they should continue to study these subjects until they have reached that level or better at GCSE. This could take a long time because you will need to pass maths and English before you finish college. Universities look at if you have passed maths and English because that is the minimum requirement that you need to go on to further study. Having a strong grade in maths and English is vital for young people in today’s job market.

These subjects act as basic filters for employers, who talk about an alarming gap between the literacy and numeracy skills they require, and the skills that job applicants possess. Numeracy is basically the ability to understand and use a wide range of mathematical skills. A person with good numeracy skills can do complex sums without a calculator. Employers want this because the people that use numeracy will be able to solve problems and come up with acceptable solutions using mathematical knowledge.

English is important because you need to communicate with people which is vital in any industry. I was disappointed that I didn’t pass English the first time but I did the higher paper which is much harder. When I started college I got another chance to do the English exam using the foundation paper. I passed the foundation first time and I was happy. As I have said, I didn’t find maths hard so I passed the exam first time but I wouldn’t mind doing maths again because I enjoyed it, and I know that it is a subject that could take me to places that I need to be.

The BKSB tests we take at the start of college were made to improve students English and maths skills. First, we took a test to see what level we were at and then which skills we need to improve on. So, the BKSB can help improve the students English and maths and this could and will result in giving them a better chance of passing their exams.

I would say that I was better at maths than English, I think I put more time into it because I enjoyed it more. I need to have a good knowledge of maths as I want to be a computer scientist or work in the industry of network security.


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