English & Maths as a Second Language


My experiences in studying English began very differently from the rest of the SWITCH bloggers (I assume) as English is my second language. I was taught the basics from a young age until I came to England in 2008, emigrating from Mexico City.

My high school expected me to adapt to writing in English very quickly as they thought I already knew how to do it; however I didn’t. At first I was in the bottom of every class. I remember from a Year 7 class asking the teacher what a cloud was, it was small beginnings for me. However, I must say now my English is as good as a native, although my writing skills still need improvement. In my experience of studying maths,  I found it boring, that is until my Year 10 teacher began to teach me the uses of what each problem could help with in the real world. Then I began to enjoy it and thus progressed rapidly, becoming part of the top set in my school; a true achievement in my eyes.

I have to say that I passed both with flying colours, I achieved a Grade B in both English and Maths. When I began college we had to take part in an examination called BKSB, to be honest I didn’t see the point of it. I then found out that it allowed the college to assess everyone’s levels of English and maths before beginning their course, to see if anyone needed extra help. At college my English skills have improved dramatically as I have to write multiple essays a week. I now also enjoy maths, as I’ve found the useful areas which will assist me in understanding psychology and cooking which are my two passions at this point in time.

As I’ve advanced on my academic journey I have come to understand the usefulness of having these skills, it is peace of mind to know I ma capable of using this skills to assist with gaining my desired career. It has also become very useful in helping me organise my bank accounts ready for university and moving away from home.


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