My role for this task was to translate a ‘Manual of Mentoring’. I had to use my Spanish knowledge to adapt the English manual for use by Spanish teachers. The manual consisted of various activities that assist in the development of a mentor within a college environment. I feel it would be useful in teaching an individual the importance of key skills such as: team work, understanding yourself, positive reinforcement and goal-setting for the future.

The task began in November last year where myself and two friends were asked to translate the English manual into Spanish and Italian. There was two of us that could translate into Spanish so we decided to divide the work and translate half of the manual each. I took a different approach to my friends by translating the guide page-by-page in written form. That way I could do it while I travelled to and from college. In reality it only took me around six working hours, however revising for college work it meant I could only do little bits at a time. I did have some difficulties, such as adding specific written signs and letters which the English alphabet does not have, however I overcame the issue as with my other friend doing it, she found a code system where we could add certain symbols which made it so much easier.

My personal opinion on the whole manual is that I feel it is a way to begin looking at mentoring in a fun way, as it allows the individual to work in groups and verbalise any opinions which I believe is the best way to develop such ‘soft skills’ necessary for an individual to become more confident with their ability to help others.

I would definitely like to continue translating as it improves my ability to rationalise the two languages simultaneously and helps me remember the correct way to structure writing and put it across in a way the reader will understand.


One thought on “Translation”

  1. This sounds like such a interesting idea and task! It’s also really good to hear how you worked with your peers to overcome the issue of translating without the appropriate symbols or signs. It’s not something that usually crosses the Native-English-speaker’s mind, but it is a real headache for those trying to juggle two languages at once!


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