For this task I was asked to translate a transcript for a ‘Mentoring Programme’ which consisted of a 14 page document that I translated from English to Spanish. For this I teamed up with one of my classmates; I translated the first half and he translated the second. This made it a lot easier because I only had 7 pages to translate.

The Mentoring Programme is a guidance tool with a set of lesson plans and resource packs on how a mentor can teach students the skills to become good employees.  The document included methods of teaching communication skills, how to work effectively either in a group or individually and additional skills a good employee should have such as reflecting. They made this interesting by adding fun activities and colourful pictures.

Before translating I first read through the transcript to fully understand the information given and the purpose of the text. Next, I thought about whether I was going to translate as I went along or pick out certain pages first. To begin with I tried to translate a short page in order to see how I felt about the level of difficulty. Then I realised that it would be better to translate in order because it was giving me information that I hadn’t translated yet. When I came across a word that would have multiple translations I used the most common and made sure that I used the same translation if that word came up again.

The only problem I had during the translation was trying to translate the pictures. I had to try various different methods until I found one that was suitable. Translating this transcript was great practice for me because I want to do Translation Studies at University. I didn’t find the wording hard at all which made it much more pleasant to work through. It also was educational for me because I learned new skills that I can put to use in my daily life.

I’m excited to get the chance to do more translation in the future which will hopefully give me more experience and skills.



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