For the next task I was asked to translate a document from English to Italian as I’m an Italian native speaker that moved to England over a year ago. The transcript is a guidance tool for mentoring students. It was titled ‘Mentoring Programme’ and it aims to help boost the confidence of mentors and provide them with the necessary information to carry out lessons. The document has 14 pages and is a mix of text, templates and pictures. It contains activities to do in class, explains what makes an outstanding employee and the effectiveness of communication. 

I approached the translation by reading the whole document first so that I could get the gist of it. Then I started with the first paragraph; I read a whole sentence and translated it into Italian. I used this method for all the pages and it worked well for me. It was pretty straightforward because the language used was informal. As I progressed it became automatic, almost like talking, I didn’t have to think about it for too long. I remember that when I first moved to England the same thing happened with speaking; I would think and translate in my mind before letting out the words. Then with time I almost started to think in English so the words came out easier.

When I first saw the document I thought it was fairly long and that I needed to start as soon as possible but in reality it took me less than a month to complete it. My friend was working on the same document but instead she was translating it in Spanish, this was an advantage for the whole process because after lessons I had someone to go to the library with and work effectively. As far as problems during translating this document, fortunately I didn’t have many. The main obstacle was changing the words on the pictures and templates.

In my opinion, this was an amazing opportunity that I was offered because it has improved my reading comprehension and writing skills. I definitely feel more confident within myself because I realised that I have the ability to do something that most young people at my age can’t do. In all honesty, when I tell people that I can speak four languages they ask me “do you want to become a translator?”; and I usually say “no” because I thought it would be boring as a job. After doing it now, my view has completely changed because I really enjoyed it.

I’d love to do another translation because I now know that I have the ability to do it and it would be great practice for the future.



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