Learning Languages


At primary and secondary school we had to learn the French language. Learning a language was compulsory and we had no choice to learn a different language. I didn’t really like learning French as I thought I would never go to France and it was hard for me to concentrate in that lesson. The teacher I had didn’t seem to like teaching the language and I found it hard to understand as all of the words seemed to sound the same to me.

I haven’t learned any other languages since school. I don’t think I will go to another country for so long that I needed to learn that specific language. Also, most other countries learn English at school and would probably understand certain words that I am saying. I think if I was travelling to a country for a long period of time I would learn the main words that I think I would need on a day to day basis so I would start to learn their language, not to just understand them but to also fit in with their culture so they don’t have to keep speaking English if they don’t want to. I will probably learn another language when I am older as I think it’s a good thing to understand other languages. It might also help to get a job if I spoke another language.

In the past I have been to Paris, as my sister had been there before she told me a few words like “hello” and “bye” which I used when I went into some of the shops. In some of the shops they could understand enough English to know what I wanted and what I was asking them. I knew some words from school and understood what they were saying to me too.

I think learning another language is interesting and can be fun but it also depends on which language. It would be more fun if you get to pick your own language, at your own pace, as in school you have to learn what they set you. I think it’s important to learn another language as in the future it could help you out.

I think people should start learning languages in primary school as they will then have a feel for it when they start learning at high school and understand it better. I like that most countries learn English as if they come to England they will be able to understand what we are talking about and they will be able to talk to us. In addition it may be interesting to them to learn the English language.


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