Learning Languages


At the beginning of high school it was mandatory for us to take either German or French depending on what side of the year you were in, on my side of the year we had to take French. I didn’t mind this as I was lucky enough to go to a primary school that started teaching us different languages (in my case French). Just the basics such as colours, simple objects around the house and regular conversation starters i.e. “Hello, how are you?” 

Personally I love the idea of learning a language, looking back I wish I’d have continued with French throughout my GCSEs, but I think it would be better now as I can learn at my own pace. I’m terrible at keeping up with things and motivating myself so I may have to seek a friend to help me. A couple of years ago I attempted learning Spanish, it went really well and I love the language, but I didn’t have the resources necessary to carry on and progress at the time. I think I’ll invest in some dictionaries and apps when I try to pick it back up, which I definitely intend to.

In the future I’d love to go abroad, I’ve never been to another country but when I do I want to at least learn the basics to get by and have a conversation with locals. I think it’s important to be able to communicate with other people, although most countries can speak English we shouldn’t expect everyone to.

I like the fact that English is a popular language, but so is French and German and I want to learn the necessary bits of those, just so I can talk to as many people as possible. It’d also be beneficial when applying for various jobs. I think languages should be made mandatory at GCSE as this would help most people in later life, it would also be better if it was put on the curriculum for all primary schools.


2 thoughts on “Learning Languages”

  1. Hi Dani, I enjoyed reading your post. It’s really good that you went to a primary school that prepared you for languages in high school because I know that most primaries don’t bother that much with language which is a big shame. My education was quite different than yours because I grew up in Spain. Over there they are very big on learning languages and and I got a few out of my education. In primary, as for languages, we learned English as a second language, Spanish and Catalan as a first. In high school I carried on with these but also took up German and Latin. I respect that you find the art of language as interesting as I do and advise you to pick Spanish back up, because it is a beautiful language, and to learn basics in others because of your wish of going abroad

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  2. Hi Dani. Great post! I’ve just finished reading Ellen’s post and, like me, she had never been taught a language at primary school? What really interested me was the fact that you wanted to continue French as you enjoyed it, whereas being introduced to a language at a later stage, Ellen didn’t enjoy it as much? Maybe this is the issue with our educational system? Aren’t things much more enjoyable to learn about when we are more familiar with them? Thanks for making me think!

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