In high school I started to learn Spanish and French which I liked because they were new languages and if I ever got the chance to go to those countries then I would know parts of the language because I learnt it at school. As the year progressed, I started to dislike Spanish because it was a difficult language to understand and to write and I lost motivation.  Later when it was time to pick our options (advanced subjects) I didn’t pick French or Spanish because I didn’t want to learn them further. I wasn’t 100% sure if I was ever going to either country so there didn’t seem a point in learning them personally. Outside of school I wanted to learn Arabic because most of my family speak it and I wanted to visit the Middle East, and when I went there, to speak the language. Arabic is the only language I’ve tried to learn during school and after, I can speak it but I’m not fluent. I was born in Sweden, so I learnt to speak that language for going to school, adding Arabic to the mix, I can now speak three languages.

In the future I want to become a computer scientist and I will have to code in different languages. There might be a specialist role in a specific language so I would want to learn more languages so I can increase my three to a higher number. I have been to many different countries in my time. I went to Canada to visit family and in that country they spoke English and French so learning a new language would have benefited me. I also went to America where they spoke English but they just had a better and different accent. I have also been to Norway, Denmark and Sweden which is called Scandinavia. As I’ve said, I was born in Sweden so I can speak Swedish but Danish and Norwegian are really similar and some phrases are exactly the same.

I think it is a good thing to learn new languages because you will be able to communicate with a lot more people. You could learn a lot from a person if you can speak their language, you could have a normal conversation with them instead of looking at your phone or a book for the right word. For a traveller, it is vital for them to know many languages because they will be going to many different countries. I wish I could’ve learnt new languages when I was in primary school as then it would have been easier for me in high school. Many countries speak English because English is known around the world. When I was attending primary school in Sweden, I was learning English as an extra-curricular so when I came to England at a young age I already knew bits of the language. I think schools around the world tend to teach English because it is a language that people find universal.


2 thoughts on “Languages”

  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading your post. In High School I had the same interests, I studied French and Spanish and I carried on. I think If you enjoyed them, the best way to make the learning more interesting is by visiting the places. So If you have the possibility I recommend going there. You already know three languages, I know four, and I think it’s easier for us to pick up new languages.

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  2. Hello! I agree that learning new languages is very important if you’re travelling so I learn key terms when I visit new countries. We didn’t have the opportunity to learn Spanish at high school unfortunately but I think that it would have been beneficial to me as I usually go on holiday to Spanish speaking countries.

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