Online Learning


For this task, we had to take part in an online course developed by FutureLearn. This involved a variety of activities such as watching videos, answering quizzes, reading articles and producing our own ideas and notes on a serious issue that was up for discussion. I found this method of learning extremely useful, although I had not previously took part in any MOOC courses.

Personally I found the animated videos perfect for remembering information due to the engaging pictures and clear notes. The fact that the majority of information was produced by students at the university was something I liked as it made it more relatable and less boring as many videos can be. The course layout was simple to use and for me to go back and check things when necessary, it was all very easy to understand. The glossary is a good example of this as any words I didn’t understand could be found in there, which is key when learning something new. Throughout the course there was a series of mini quizzes, which I liked doing. It refreshed my memory and ensured that I stayed focused which can often be an issue when I’m revising.

I already knew a lot of the information given in the course so some of the pages could get quite tiresome, yet I understand that not everyone would know so it is necessary. I also noted that it became repetitive after a while which made me lose interest towards the end of the first week, yet the second week was completely refreshing and interesting. I enjoyed viewing other people’s opinions and being able to reply and like their comments in the discussion forums.

During the course I learnt a lot about revision techniques and when best to revise. I found that mobile phones can actually be used as a good revision tool and the websites available to make study easier. I also learned the definition of terms such as netiquette (being polite online), VLE (virtual learning environment) and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course), as well as the serious issue regarding clothing waste which I was completely unaware of.

Overall, I think online courses are useful for learning new information of revising old subjects so I’ll definitely be taking part in some more in the future.


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