Online Learning


The use of online resources to learn is of the utmost importance for me as a student as it means I can facilitate my learning in a professional way. For this task I was asked to complete an online course about ‘Learning Online’ using the platform Futurelearn. It was good to know that the information I learnt is backed up by professionals – in this case the University of Leeds.It was the first time I had used anything like this to learn new material. At first I thought it would be irrelevant with the courses I am studying, however carrying out the first few activities it became noticeable the benefits I could reap from this. As I learnt various ways to further my learning online alongside other methods such as books and classes at college.

I feel I would definitely do another online course like this because it was quick and easy. It is all self-explanatory with enough guidance for anyone to carry out the activities, also the courses are free – to me a bonus as I can learn a lot from Universities that carry out some of the best courses in the world. I think we should remember, our generation and ones to follow have been deeply involved with the uses of technology, so we could better learn how to use it to our advantage, apart from just using it for our social lives.

What I liked the most is that you could take as much time as you wished on each activity as it hadn’t got to be finished in any specific time. The learning activities were varied; from reading and listening to videos and discussion forums with other participants responses to questions asked during the course. I feel this way it became more of a 3D learning experience and for me a lot more real than just reading document after document.

Something new I felt I learnt on this course was the apps I could use to encourage me to learn and revise more efficiently. I found the app ‘Mendeley’ extremely useful to manage my references when writing reports and essays. Also, the proactive use of Google Documents and how an individual could share their own thoughts and opinions, while at the same time put it out there to the public to amend any mistakes on a subject of my choice.

Something minor which I didn’t like is that you had to pay a lot for the certification to prove you passed the course. It doesn’t matter much but it is something to take into account.



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