Learning Online


For this task I took a course on the FutureLearn learning site. We were shown important aspects of online learning. Like how to organise your information, online terminology, different online sites we can use to learn, how to get involved and the importance of not offending anyone with your posts. We were given videos to comment on, quizzes to do, and the opportunity to interact with others and have debates with them about the subject matter.

I personally have never taken part in a learning course online before. I always thought that books and pens were a better learning method, but having done these two weeks I realise that it is actually a very fun way to learn. You don’t have a one-to-one talk with your peer if you have a question; even better, you get to comment and hear multiple opinions on the matter. You will always find that someone is willing to help you with any question.

I liked that we had little quizzes to test our knowledge on what we had learned. Just like taking a test in a classroom but much less stressful. It was also very interesting to see the related links.  I found it very helpful that you could take part on either tablet, phone or computer, wherever and whenever you chose.

I didn’t dislike any part of the course, I think it was very informative and enjoyable to take part in. Maybe the only thing that I would change is I would make the presentation brighter, with more colours. It would make it more appealing to take part in and get you engaged straight away.

I had no problem at all with doing the course. I did it whenever I had time to spare and the course wasn’t hard to understand or too long, so it was no problem fitting the course around my college work.

I think that this course has inspired me to take part in more online learning. At the beginning of the course I wasn’t really comfortable with commenting and giving my opinion because I didn’t want any negative feedback or to offend anyone. Towards the end I noticed that the comments would just flow and I was much more confident. This could be because I got to read and like other people’s comments.

I definitely would consider taking part again in an online learning course just to see what else I could learn. Also because I could do it whenever and wherever I chose, it wasn’t stressful at all, unlike how it could get in the classroom sometimes.


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