Doing a MOOC


For this task I had to join and complete an online course from Leeds University. In this course, I read articles and watched videos on communication and at the end I took section quizzes. I have never done an online course before but was excited as it was a new thing for me to do. Also it will help me gain experience on what people at university do and how they study and communicate with their lecturers between lessons and on days off. I liked this as I want to go to university, I felt integrated into their way of studying.

The best bit about the course was watching the videos and listening to people’s ways of learning, it was easy to relate to them. Also, the quizzes were fun and helped you think about what you have learned. At the end of the course, I liked that you got a certificate to say you have achieved something even though it’s online I was happy to have gained the experience of doing the course.

The thing I disliked about the course were the reading sections, as I don’t like reading it seemed to drag out the section I was on. I prefered watching and listening to the videos so the reading sections were not the highlight of the course. Also, they needed to add more images to some sections so that instead of pausing the video to have a look at the image there should be pictures of the main things about the section.

I found that fitting the course around my college work was okay as I was up to date with my college work. In my spare time I was able to log on and do the course quizzes and watch the videos, this also passed away the time when I was bored and had nothing to do. By doing the course it keep my mind occupied. As the course was around 2 hours a week I was able to do the first week in a day. It was like I was spending time doing college work.

By doing the course I learned that the way you respond to people in your day to day life, whether it’s using the internet or face to face you need to have manners and show etiquette. If you are communicating over the internet you need to use the right spelling and not to use slang as some users may not understand what you are talking about. Also, it’s important to check what you are typing about as you can make small mistakes and can’t fix them. I also learned that if you are sending an email you should double check you are sending the email to the correct person before you send it.

I would definitely take part in another MOOC as I found it really interesting and a good way to pass time. In addition, I hope they take all my feedback I have given them on board so that more users of a young age will be able to enjoy the course. Next time I would like to take part in a different course about a subject I have never learned before so that I can get an understanding of what it’s like to study something else.


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