Doing a MOOC


For this task had to sign up to an online course called Learning and Collaborating and this course was set by Leeds University. The course was about communication and I had to watch videos, participate in quizzes and at the end answer questions to see what I have learnt and if I understood it.

In the course, I liked that there were different people in each of the videos as it was nice to hear different points of views and what they had to say. I liked that there were discussion forums that you could take part in. All you had to do is write your questions and you would get a serious answer. You could also comment what you thought of a particular section of the course and you would get replies from other people about what they thought. I have never done an online course so I was really excited to do one and I couldn’t wait to start but there were a lot barriers to me starting.

It was hard for me to start the course because I had a lot of college work to do. I had to create a presentation and present it so I had to practice the presentation to make sure I got a good grade. I also had to create a website which took a long time because I had to code it all. The next barrier was that I had to work my job at Asda and I have a lot of responsibilities there. I work 3-4 days a week and I have to work long shifts so when I get home I’m really tired. Fatigue is a big issue because I don’t want to do work when I have no energy. When I had free time or came into college early I would do the course then and I would try to write up this blog.  Whenever I had a tutorial, I would ask the lecturer if I could get time to do the blog and course because I really enjoyed working on it.

I disliked that there wasn’t enough quizzes to answer or videos to watch in the course because I really enjoyed these activities. I learnt a lot from them and I have a new perspective on communication now.

When I took part in the course, I learnt a lot about how people communicate and respond to people correctly whether it is in person or over the internet. If you are speaking in person then you will need to be well-mannered. When you are communicating over the internet then you will need to make sure that you are not making mistakes and that you’re spelling is all correct. Make sure you put the right tense so people know what period of time you are talking about.

I would definitely take part in another MOOC type course because I really enjoyed the one that I did and I learnt a lot about communication and how to communicate in different situations. I recommend people do this course because you will learn something new.


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