Hi everyone! I’ve just completed my first MOOC on FutureLearn. It was a two week online course about ‘learning online’. Before doing this course I didn’t realise that I learn online on a daily basis! From looking for a definition on my phone to watching explanatory videos on YouTube.

This course also enriched and extended my knowledge on different topics like communication in an online environment. We certainly can’t express ourselves online the same way that we do verbally because there is a “Netiquette”. There is an exercise on the course that would make you understand this point better but it is basically about presenting yourself in an acceptable way online.

In this course there was the possibility to comment, share and like other people’s posts in discussion forums where we could share our points of view on specific topics. This was very interesting as there were people on the course from all over the world.

Personally, more than learning something new, I discovered that I have existing online skills that I use in my college work and that will be useful for University. The part of the course that I enjoyed the most was a task on music; I had to work on a collaborative document about my favourite artist on a program which was like a big pin-board. There I found little descriptions of a lot of artists and bands I’d never even heard before, so it was very interesting.

I’m not sure whether I would take part in another MOOC as I don’t feel that I learnt a lot from this one, however if there was one on a new topic I might try again.


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