My First Half Term


I was dreading college the week before the summer break ended partly because I was nervous about being surrounded by new people but also because I’m not a morning person! I was worried that people wouldn’t want to talk to me but I was very wrong. College is much better than school in the sense that people are far less judgmental. In my opinion your identity in high school is pretty much fixed based on first impressions because you are stuck with the same people for 5 years.  At college everyone is on the same page and are that little bit more mature which is a nice improvement. At college you get treated respectfully by staff and are given much more independence. I like the fact that you’re not forced to do work. This motivates me as I don’t like being put under immense pressure and if I occasionally don’t finish a piece of work or if I miss a day of college I have lots of free periods where I can catch up.  I find doing work a lot less stressful now. I like pretty much every aspect of college but then again I didn’t enjoy school at all!  During our first half term I was working to finish my first draft of creative writing coursework which was an interesting process.

Firstly, I had to decide between a script and poetry which took me a very, very long time to make a decision. In the end I settled on poetry because it meant that I could choose a different theme with each poem whereas with script too many themes would make it confusing and completely unreliable.  I like writing poems, but creating those first drafts was hard! My poems came out as ambiguous, slurry, filled to the brim with metaphors that were practically indecipherable. They sounded lovely but what they were on about my peers had no idea!

This was quite frustrating for me because in my head they made perfect sense but on paper they weren’t specific enough and they could have meant anything to anyone. It didn’t help that I left it a bit last minute; I have a terrible habit of leaving things until the last minute. Hopefully with my head cleared I will be able to create some new and improved drafts ready for the Christmas holidays. My next project will be writing up my commentary to accompany my first drafts. But of course, I have already left that a bit late too. Never mind, next time I can always start earlier!



One thought on “My First Half Term”

  1. I went through the exact same thing in creative writing, took me ages to pick which form i wanted to use. Hope the rest of your coursework`s going good 🙂


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