Hi, I’m Jamie and I am the European Projects Officer for Halesowen College. I’ve worked at the College for over 10 years and started in the Library. I’m still there but my role has developed and now I divide my time between European projects, Equality and Diversity projects and the Library. Continue reading “000111”




Nobody ever said to me that teaching was going to be an easy job. In fact, during my training two years ago over half of my peers decided to jump ship and swim to safety in what I can only assume was clear water towards another career. The sharks, in fact, were already on board, chomping at my heels rather than infesting the surrounding water and picking off my scaredy peers. And so two years later, into my third year of teaching, I’m still aboard the profession, although I must admit that on occasions, like the poet Stevie Smith pre-empted, I’m not waving but drowning. Continue reading “052059”



Hello there! I’m Ellen and I study three A Levels at Halesowen College those being Creative Writing, Philosophy and Sociology. I wish I could say that I chose these subjects because they would put me on a certain career path however this slightly unusual selection was chosen with little consideration of the future. I honestly don’t really have any plans for the future in relation to jobs. I chose these subjects because they were appealing and I knew that I would enjoy them. Continue reading “079257”