Hi, I’m Danni and I’m studying A Levels at Halesowen College. I decided to take English Literature, Creative Writing and Psychology mainly because I have a passion for studying English and writing. I also just find Psychology fascinating. I’m not sure what I want to do as a career but I do want to go to university. So I thought it was best to study courses I’d enjoy. I really like college, I definitely prefer it to high school anyway.

My favourite course is probably Creative Writing as there’s a lot of freedom to express myself through my work. The class itself is great as well, I like how everyone shares their own ideas and opinions, it’s definitely the class I talk the most in. English Literature is interesting as we’re studying Jane Eyre right now which is such a good book. The class came as a bit of a shock as it’s so different to English at High School. The teachers were good with helping us through the transition though.

Overall, I think I’ve made quite a lot of new friends, it’s better than high school because you’re surrounded by like minded people. In English for example we’ve had to work together a lot to show the various interpretations of ideas. We had to work in a group to create a presentation about a certain chapter, I think we worked together well. We gave each other specific roles to get the job done faster and it was quite effective. Afterwards, we told each other what we’d found and concluded creating one big poster on all of our interpretations. This was good as everyone had an input. I think my first term of college was a successful one, I’m definitely glad I chose the courses I did as it gave me a chance to meet so many awesome people.


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  1. Hi, I enjoyed reading your post because it’s good to see that people do what they actually like in college. The subjects that you chose are very academic so I assume that you have to write loads of essays, but good that you have a passion for writing.

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  2. I also don’t know what I’d like to do in the future and so I chose subjects which interested me. I found it quite difficult to choose my A-level subjects because high school had told me that I needed to take two facilitating subjects if I was going to succeed in the future. Luckily, I chose the subjects which appealed to me in the end. It’s nice to hear that someone else did too. I like your positive outlook and I also agree that college is much better than high school!


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