Hi my name is Cyndi and I study A Levels at Halesowen College. My goal is to gain a deep understanding of global business practices and to be able to set up my own business. My grandfather is my biggest inspiration; he owns a vineyard and seeing how committed he is to his company had a big influence on my decision of wanting to be an International manager. A particular module in AS Business called “Managers vs Leaders” caught my attention last year. I understood that being a manager is not only about managing people on a day-to-day basis but is also about developing followers and taking calculated risks.

Studying in Italy and England gave me the opportunity to develop an international mind-set and increase my ability to adapt in a new and different environment in a short period of time. I also developed the skill of being able to communicate in four foreign modern languages. Latin gave me the foundation to be able to learn Italian, English, Spanish and French. I learned and built my language fluency by travelling and considering cultural barriers when communicating. Especially during an exchange program to Madrid, where I stayed with a native Spanish family and attended lessons in a local school.

As I grew, so did my passion for travelling and discovering new cultures. The reason for this being, the opportunity to spend time abroad on a professional work placement or academic exchange fascinates me. I am lucky enough to have visited several countries in Europe and America. This is relevant because it gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort-zone, as I developed cultural sensitivity, adapted to globalisation and it gave me numerous opportunities to network.

I believe that I have developed the qualities to delegate, lead and work effectively with people in my current job in catering. For example, sometimes I have to train new employees; my last trainee was a very shy girl so once she was in the swing of things I started to challenge her by presenting her with achievable goals and responsibilities. I made sure I was available for clarification, and gave praise or criticism as deserved.

During my second year of high school I took part in a talent competition, where I sang in front of my school. As a result of winning the competition, I now feel confident when it comes to conversing in front of a large group of people and that makes me an exceptional leader in group based projects.

As a hobby I love to organise events like birthday parties. I enjoy the feeling of being in charge and I use my negotiation skills to get offers on the prices of venues or simply balloons for decorations. I’ve also been dancing and kick-boxing from the age of 6 and I would love to join these clubs at University. Being socially active and keeping up with my studies at the same time has taught me how to manage my time successfully, a highly transferable skill for every business.


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