Hi my name is Tansy and I am currently studying Spanish, Fine Art and Musical Theatre at Halesowen College. Being of English/Dutch parents with their overseas work commitments I have travelled a lot.

I began living on the Balearic Island of Mallorca at a very young age. The people there are fiercely proud of their strong traditions and ”mallorquin” dialect. However in school, I studied mainly in Catalan and Castilian Spanish; meaning that I pride myself being trilinguial. With of course an excellent knowledge of the local language. I also have a good understanding of Dutch and German because the Balearic Islands are a very well-known touristic resort where I was able to expand on my language skills and get to know a rich diversity of cultures.

I pride myself on an extensive knowledge of Spanish literature having studied literary greats such as Cervantes, Lorca and Becquer. By living in Spain I have achieved a deep rooted appreciation of its popular culture, such as how the influences of media, music, economy and politics shape everyday life. When I finish college I hope to go to University and study Modern Languages with Translation and Interpretation to later be either a teacher or a interpreter.

As for my hobbies, I have a great passion for painting and drawing ranging from abstract to natural. I find it relaxing and the best way to clear my mind. It shows that I am not limited to the ways I can express myself, that I am self-motivated and curious. Theatre is also something that inspires me. I am especially interested in the musical side. My passion for singing and performing has enabled me to develop confidence, self-expression and conversational skills. Through this I have learned how to work creatively and consistently.

Music is also something I enjoy. What cannot be expressed through words can be felt through melodies and rhythms. For instance, the passion and intensity of feeling that is reflected in styles such as Salsa, Bachata and Flamenco hold up a mirror to the culture that the music inspires.



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