Hello my name is Obri, I am 19 years old and I study A Levels at Halesowen College. I am studying Psychology, Philosophy and Spanish. Before this I studied Professional Cookery in another college. I am now a qualified chef and this has allowed me to work part-time in various restaurants.

I chose to study A Levels as I wanted to challenge myself academically and wanted to overall improve on my writing abilities. Since immigrating to England from Mexico City it has taken me longer to adjust to logical writing but I am working hard at it. My favourite subject is Psychology and it is the subject which I want to study at university. I am passionate about understanding how different people think and behave. After college I want to go to university and through verbalising where I want to go it should keep me motivated. I’d like to go to the University of Leeds, it is an amazing place where international students thrive which is just one reason of the many that interests me about Leeds. Apart from studying I am a passionate cook – I love to cook many things including Christmas dinner. I also love going to the gym and working out, I feel that exercising is such a stress-release.

Since starting college and now in my second year I have learnt various things which have allowed me to develop as a person. Firstly, my independent work has dramatically increased in such a way that I can now work silently without talking to anyone and focus. Secondly, my confidence to talk to anyone has given me such a boost to be the person I have aspired to become. Not only be willing to talk, but to be understanding that every individual has their own story of how they came to be in this college. Fianlly, my knowledge of the subjects I am studying has increased to the point that I am constantly thinking about them and evaluating the goodness from them. For example in philosophy I love the availability to question many of my self-beliefs in religion and ethics as I become a more critical thinker.

A recent project I have worked on is the creation of my UCAS university application (for those that don’t know what it is, in the UK it is the headquarters of where all future applicants for university apply). This has taken me since the beginning of September until November requiring a thorough work ethic crafting my personal statement. I put my interest in five universities: Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham and Essex Universities. Personally I want to go the to Leeds the most and secondly Liverpool. It may sound simple writing about yourself but do not be misinformed, it is a process that required constant alterations to maximise my eagerness for the subject of Psychology. It wasn’t an individualised project, many teachers put their own thoughts into my work to improve the grammatical accuracy and depth of understanding. In my opinion I feel like I handled it extremely well as I approached it with such an enthusiasm that allowed me to tackle each stage with vivid determination. Ultimately, I would not change anything about way I approached my project – applying to university. Having sent it two weeks ago, I have received one of my five offers, which is my second option: University of Leeds.


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