I would say that I am really good at verbal communication because people can understand what I am saying and the message I am giving is clear. I would probably say that I am weakest at non-verbal communication because sometimes I can get mixed up with the signals people are giving out and read them completely wrong.

I like people to communicate with me by speaking because that’s the best way I can understand what they are saying. I also like being communicated with through writing informing me of something or giving me instructions to complete a task.

I think a good communicator conveys their ideas and messages well so that the person can understand and they can communicate back with right message. A good communicator makes their messages brief and talks about the main purpose of the message instead of not getting to the point and wasting the other person’s time.

To be a good learner, you will need good listening skills to make sure you understand the information the lecturer is giving which you will need . You will also need good writing skills so you can document everything the lecturer communicates because it is important information.

To be a good teacher, you will need good verbal communication skills to make you convey the information so all your students can understand. You will need to talk clearly so that you are not misunderstood. Non-verbal skills are important because the tone of your voice, body language and gestures will show how important the information you are giving is.

Communication is very important because that is how you let out and say what you are feeling and the concerns you are having. Without communication, there would be a lot of misunderstanding and information won’t be expressed clearly and that isn’t good for anyone.­­­­­


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