My First Half Term


My first half term of this year I think has been my most enjoyable. Last year I had to start fresh, meet new people and make new friends whereas this year I already knew a decent chunk of the people in my class. College has been much better than school since you get treated more like an adult and we get given much more freedom.

We started off the year with a Games Expo where we were put into teams and had to create a game ready to be presented to multiple others. My job within the team was to come up with a decent amount of the features alongside some others in the group. Overall the development of the project went very well but due to the limited amount of colour printers in the college, getting everything onto paper was hard. Honestly if I could I’d go back and make sure that the rule book was printed to a professional standard, the content in it would have perfect but the printing looked rubbish. I’d also go back and make the board look much better, like blending things in really well for example and making sure it all fits together perfectly.

Overall I’ve enjoyed my time at the college, both years included, and I don’t think I could’ve made a better decision in terms of what college to go to. I’m glad I chose this place, I’m glad I met the people that it did and I’m glad that I chose this course. All of this has really helped me figure out what I want to do with my life.


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