My Communication


I think I am good at communicating. I will easily speak to my friends and tutors. I communicate through text messages easily as I can type fast and spell well. Speaking to people I don’t know could be considered my weak spot, as sometimes pronunciation can be difficult on certain words.

I prefer to be communicated with verbally. I think that a good communicator is someone who listens and responds accordingly, uses open body language and changes their voice accordingly. This way, the audience will stay engaged and listen, and respect the speaker for engaging and responding to their questions.

A teacher needs to use body language and respond to questions, they also needs to properly explain points in order for a large audience to engage and understand. A learner needs to listen and ask questions to further understand the point that the tutor is making.

Of course communication is important, without it we wouldn’t be able to survive. Almost every organism on the planet needs to communicate in order to breed and hunt for food.


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