My Communication


I personally like to think I’m good at communicating. I generally keep eye contact with the person I’m talking to and I rarely stutter when I speak. I find that written communication is my best area of communication. I can type around 120 words per minute when I try, which makes text-based communication easy. I find that I communicate well through actions too.

My personal favourite form of communication is verbal communication. This is simply because it’s the easiest to do, and is the most effective at conveying emotion. If someone’s angry, you can generally tell by how they speak, however this is impossible when reading someone’s text. (Unless you see something along these lines; “efgj vauireb (UIO FDYC8GH BAUIAH BDS8FGHB u bhr” – generally a good indicator that someone’s a “little” bit frustrated.

In my opinion, a good communicator consists of a person that can maintain constant eye contact, show good body language, and clearly speak words (no stuttering). A good teacher should be able to project their voice across a large room, making sure everyone in the room can clearly hear them. They must pronounce everything correctly, and generally convey their point concisely without “waffling” (talking about random things that are irrelevant to their point).

I personally believe that communication is extremely important. In fact, without communication, you wouldn’t be able to ask me this question, or read my answer. It’s a key trait that is always important with people.


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