My Communication


I am very good at verbally communicating. My weakest communication is written. It’s not that I’m terrible at it I just prefer it the least. I like to talk and be spoken to. A good communicator can get his/her point across clearly and others understand what they are trying to say without any confusion or misunderstanding.

In order to be a teacher you must have good verbal communication and body language. Sometimes you need to show your mood through your body language in order to show the students how much patience you have on that day to stop them from getting into or causing trouble. Your verbal communication must be good so that your points get across to the students very clearly.

Students need to have good written communication to show the teacher that they understood their points and they need good verbal skills to tell teacher if they are stuck or need help.

Communication is very important. It clears up misunderstandings and confusions. Communication can also be used for guidance. For example people working for Microsoft tech support can help their customers with their issues.


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