My Communication


As a person, I think I am quite bad at communicating, in most circumstances anyway. The only type of communication I think I am good at is written communication. I am not very good at utilising body language, sign language or verbal communication. 

In my opinion, a good communicator is someone who can communicate with people through every form of communication: sign language, body language, written communication, verbal communication and more.

To be a teacher, you would need good written and verbal communication skills. As a learner, you need good written, verbal and body language skills, as you need to show that you are paying attention to the teacher through your body language.

Communication is a skill that is very important to everyone, as it allows us to do so much more than we could without it. Things like talking to friends, going to work and even going to the shop require you to utilise at least one form of communication to be successful.


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