I am good at communicating if I know who I am talking to. If I don’t know who it is or if I’m recording myself or doing a speaking exam I can mess up on my words. I am best at typing on a keyboard or talking because they are the quickest and most efficient ways of communicating. I can type at a decent speed and I have a good grasp of vocabulary when speaking.

I’m the weakest at writing because I have poor handwriting which makes it hard for people to understand what I am saying. I am a slow writer so it would be inefficient  for me to hand write letters. I like to communicate by typing because I play a lot of video games and it hides my identity.

Good communication is making sure you can talk clearly so you can be understood perfectly. To be a teacher you need to be able to speak confidently because if people can’t hear you then you can’t inform the class on what to do. You also need to speak language fluently because if people can’t understand what you are saying you are not communicating with them. The class would be confused and unable to learn. A good learner should be able to listen to the speaker and understand what they are saying. They should ignore distractions and not create them.

Communication is important because it’s what we are using all the time and without it we couldn’t live our lives.


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