I think that I am good at communicating with people that I know and communicating with people that I meet for the first time. I am best at verbal communication as I enjoy it when someone is speaking to me and not just texting or writing. It can be hard to understand if someone is typing fast and making mistakes.

My weakest communication is written as it sometimes confuses me and can be hard to understand if they have not written the message in the correct way. Also if they write it quickly or in a text message it’s harder to understand because they might think it makes sense to them but it doesn’t to me.

I like to communicate verbally as I can go from being informal to being formal in the right situations. I think it looks good as if someone is talking to me in a formal manner I can adapt and speak to them in the same way. I think people should maintain eye contact when talking face to face as I find it rude for them to look away.

A good communicator is a person who can speak to you in the correct manner without using inappropriate language, they need to make sense in what they are saying and not be unsure of what they are talking about. To be a good learner you need good listening skills so that you can take in the information that the teacher is telling you.

Communication is important, it is what makes you get somewhere in life and by being nice to people. You can gain knowledge from listening to people and it will be good for experience of how to adapt to the way a person is talking.


One thought on “Communication”

  1. Hi, I read your post and I completely agree with your views. I also prefer talking to someone in person than over the phone, I understand them a lot better. Referring to what you said about maintaining eye contact, I find it difficult and disturbing to constantly stare into someone’s eyes so I think that looking away sometimes can also help you express yourself better. I agree with what you said that communication is a very important aspect in life.


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